Viscous liquid composed of various attractive ingredients such as amino acids, sweeteners, food colours… and much more.

Used to make the trigger more attractive and visible and to differentiate it from “pasture” boilies.

Indispensable in those muddy situations or for quick sessions where we need to make our bait as attractive as possible in the short time available. The best results are obtained by immersing the primer in the dip for a few minutes. Given its particular viscosity, the DKS FISHING Dip will stick perfectly to the bait without the use of any additional product. Even in the event of prolonged immersion of the trigger in the dip, it will not affect the surface structure of your boilie, being PVA FRIENDLY. DKS FISHING Dip can also be used as an activating liquid in pastures and pellets, as well as for dipping any trigger you want to use, such as corn, moth and even silicone baits intended for predators.