Quality and Safety
We are an Italian company with 40 years of formulation experience in the food flavourings sector.

Constant technological updating is one of the tools that allows us to offer a wide range of products that we create, analyse and check in our laboratories to guarantee maximum quality and safety.
Nature and Raw Materials
Our flavours are highly appreciated in the food sector and the DKS FISHING line is born from the great passion of some of the company’s members, to respond to the ever-growing demand for the sport fishing market, and more specifically for carp fishing.
100% Naturali
Our flavours for sport fishing. A wide range of high-quality products to satisfy any need in the preparation of your bait.
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Liquid Flavours
We have wide range of flavours with high concentration and high thermostability, specifically designed for self-made use for the preparation of boilies both for triggers and for pastures.
Essential Oils
DKS FISHING also has a complete range of pure essential oils with an extremely natural aromatic profile, "essential" for the preparation of your baits.
Viscous liquid composed of various attractive ingredients such as amino acids, sweeteners, food colours... and much more.

Used to make the trigger more attractive and visible and to differentiate it from "pasture" boilies.
Powder Flavours
We have a range of powder flavours as an alternative to liquids that can be used in the preparation of "baiting" and priming boilies, for greater ease of use.
Raw Materials

Some of the ingredients that we use in the food industry can be used in the world of sport fishing and carp fishing.

Basic ingredients that must never be missing in the baggage of every self - maker.
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Call, write or visit us for information or advice on our products.


Get in touch

Call, write or visit us for information or advice on our products.